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Delivering anticipatory care models requires a fully integrated community-based health and social care team supported by wider specialists and MDT. Successful implementation requires standardised models supported by a joint-up data system delivering a communication hub form which to manage care delivery.

Patienteer Community integrates data from primary, community and secondary care to provide a single view of a patient journey.


End-to-end care management is enabled via an integrated care framework covering:

  1. Multifactor identification

  2. MDT Planning

  3. Person Centred Care Planning

  4. Coordination and MD delivery support

  5. Step Down / Monitoring

Key Features

Analyse Patient Journey

Via intuitive visualisations Patienteer Community enables clinical teams to understand the touch points each patient has across the healthcare system then drill down into the detail of each presentation.

Optimise Communication

Patienteer Community provides transparency on the agreed activities for the patient to succeed on their goals, the responsible people and the timeframe for delivery. This enables care teams to focus and prioritise activities that have the best outcomes for patients.

Manage Cohorts

Patienteer Community provides dashboards and single click interface views which enables coordination and prioritisation of care delivery for all patients within a service. Having a single view of staff time and patient care activities allows coordinators to effectively prioritise care delivery to maximise outcomes for all patients.

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