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Elective Surgery Scheduling & Optimisation

Patienteer uses optimisation algorithms and simulation tools to identify the best schedule of surgeries to maximise outcomes for hospitals. The solution can be used in two key ways:

  1. Patient Booking Optimisation to fill existing schedules most efficiently over time. This is where a healthcare organisation has a rolling theatre schedule (with minor changes over time), and the optimisation algorithm is used to identify the date to schedule each surgery that best meet the goals of the hospital.

  2. Simulation Solution to determine the most efficient schedule that meets the goals of the hospital, based on backlog, resource constraints and predicted number of new surgery referrals. This is a key tool in understanding trade-offs and optimising strategies for eliminating elective surgery backlogs due to COVID-19.


Each optimisation algorithm and analytics package is supported by integration services, web applications and process experts allowing solutions to be embedded within your operational and clinical workflows.

Performing Surgery

Key Features

Simulate Options

What is the impact if I outsource a theatre list, open an additional operating theatre for three sessions a week, re-allocate theatre time or improve turnaround time?

The analytics package lets you simulate and compare multiple scenario's to identify how best to meet outcomes.

Identify the optimal solution

Set the parameters and constraints specific to your operating environment, then utilise the optimisation algorithms to identify the surgery schedule that best meets your desired outcomes. 

Use this as your blue print or continually refine your options while comparing back to your baseline.

Make the best decisions

Which date should I schedule this surgery on? Our algorithms support decision makers and schedulers in finding the time surgery time slot that meet the goals of the hospital such as:

  • No patient is scheduled beyond their due date

  • Smoothing demand for inpatient beds

  • maximising theatre time utilisation

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