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Service Management

Patienteer Service Management utilises real-time data from your electronic medical record, patient administration system and rostering solution to provide a single platform from which to manage delivery of hospital services and operations.


Each service has its own module specifically designed to the unique requirements of their function. Tight integration across the platform and with source clinical systems provides transparency of task delivery and ensures instant visibility of any change to a patient’s status. 

Some of our key service modules:

  • Specialty Take: Reduces admission time by tracking the patient’s clinical variables and tasks to be completed from ED to Ward


  • Portering: Optimises coordination of patient portering services across the hospital allowing for effective prioritisation and management of demand surges across a shift.


  • Bed Cleaning: Optimises coordination of bed cleaning services and aligns activities with admission and discharge workflows


Key Features

Customisable flow

Each service management module is easily configurable to both your operational processes and how you use electronic patient record and rostering systems. Our technology creates efficiencies through enabling the process and models of care that best meet the demands of your services.

 Enterprise-wide transparency

Service Managers and Executives have complete transparency of every task and activity being completed including who is completing it, the current status and when it is likely to be completed. Additionally, single click reporting of delays and escalation of interdependencies impacting delivery enable teams to take mitigating action in real-time.

Report and Analyse

Each service management module includes a comprehensive reporting suite enabling service managers to perform in-depth analysis on service bottlenecks and to understand interdependencies on wider hospital operations and processes.

 Perform Simulations

The analysis package includes simulation tools enabling users to understand supply and demand trade-offs from different rostering models and proposed changes to staffing levels.

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