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HiRO Analyser

Collecting, validating and analysing data to support business cases and clinical re-design projects (such as PDSA cycles) is often a laborious process requiring specialist knowledge of both clinical systems and process. HiRO Analyser automates these activities enabling the user to focus on solution building and implementation. 

Through pulling data from your existing systems (electronic medical record, patient administration system and staff rostering solution) and utilising a lean six sigma framework you are able to quickly diagnose systemic patient flow delays, then measure, analyse and control process changes across the hospital.

A user managed platform that cuts to the root cause of a service issue within a few simple clicks. Specifically designed for hospital process management, this is a self-service solution for identifying and correcting process variation to optimise care dleiveyr across your services.


Key Features

Analyse Processes

Segment processes by clinical and operational variables to understand the root cause of delays. 

Control Process Change

Provides analysis tools and logical process steps to implement change programmes using proven methodologies including lean six sigma and PDSA cycles.

Report and Analyse

Each service management module includes a comprehensive reporting suite enabling service managers to perform in-depth analysis on service bottlenecks and to understand interdependencies on wider hospital operations and processes.

Simulate and optimise your services

The analysis package includes simulation tools enabling users to understand supply and demand trade-offs from different rostering models and proposed changes to staffing levels.

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