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Our Story

Utilising data from existing clinical systems to simultaneously manage hundreds and thousands
of patients’ journeys through a healthcare network is both complex and challenging. Working closely with hospitals internationally, this has been our focus since 2016. Extracting, cleansing and translating data into a standardised process management language, all in real-time, is what has taken most of our time.

However, achieving that milestone has allowed us to build software that applies industry principles
of process management to support patient flow in healthcare settings. We are now creating additional value streams from the information clinicians are entering into clinical systems

Collaboration is the centre of what we do. We work closely with clinicians and operational managers
to make sure our software addresses the on-the-ground challenges experienced in managing patient flow. To maximise patient flow and care you need the entire team collaborating and focused on completing the right tasks at the right time for each patient. Our software, implementation plans, internal operations and how we engage with our customers is designed to continually drive a culture of collaboration.

Meet some of the team

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