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HiRO Real-Time

The centre of a healthcare organisation is the person receiving care and whose experience is one of total involvement in the process of care delivery. The key questions for a patient are the same questions that healthcare managers are trying to answer in managing flow across the hospital.

What is wrong with me or what is it I'm waiting for? This usually requires a senior assessment and communication with multiple services.

  1. What part of my care delivery is going to happen now, later today and tomorrow to get me healthy? This is the ‘inputs’ such as diagnostic tests, therapeutic interventions and assessments; all with specified timelines as to when care delivery should be occurring.

  2. What health outcomes do I need to achieve to go home and how close to achieving them am I? This is the ‘clinical criteria for discharge’ and is a combination of ‘physiological’ and ‘functional’ parameters set by senior clinical teams. 

  3. When can I expect to go home? This is the ‘expected date of discharge’ which is usually set at the point of admission and updated throughout a patient’s journey. 

A lack of clarity in answering any of these questions leads to unnecessary waiting, increased length of stay in addition to increased levels of frustration and confusion for the patient. Having transparent information to answer these questions in complex adaptive healthcare environments requires a detailed understanding of the status and interdependency of all tasks being delivered, in real-time.

HiRO Real-time utilises objective data to get everyone on the same page as to the activities that need to be completed and how they should be prioritised. A patient flow map for each level of your organisation identifies delays and enables managers to take mitigating action before patient care and hospital performance is impacted.

HiRO Real-Time pulls data from your existing clinical systems and translates that data into patient tasks providing a real-time picture of patient activity. The information is then aligned with data from your staff rostering system to provide a single view of activity and available staff time.


Key Features

Integrated Operating Plans

Your operating plans and alert levels are configured within HiRO Real-Time enabling managers to prioritise activity in line with escalation plans.

Access relevant Information

HiRO Real-Time builds information at each level of service delivery, from patient tasks up to muti-hospital service delivery. This provides managers with single view access to the information they need to run a service, enables drill down functionality to understand delays for a specific patient, and provides a holistic view of how a department / service is operating within the hospital(s) setting.

Unlock delays

HiRO Real-Time provides transparency as to the root cause of delay enabling managers to understand what action is going to have the best effect at unlocking patient flow bottlenecks. Mangers are able to focus their time resolving delays to patient care delivery rather than on the phone identifying the problem.

Avoid Change Management

This is a tool for managers and executives to access objective information on hospital flow and service delivery. By integrating and translating data from existing clinical systems, real-time information is provided without the need for staff to duplicate data entry. HiRO Real-Time adds value to your existing clinical applications.

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